Friday, 3 October 2014

Format an SD Card FAT 16 on Windows 7

1.) Insert the SD card.

2.) Open Windows Explorer and make a note of the cards drive. In this example it is: H.

3.) Open a Command Prompt. 
Click the Start button and type: cmd. Cmd.exe will be listed under programs. Click to execute.

4.) Type the following in the Command Prompt.

format(SD card drive):/fs:FAT
In this example: format H:/fs:FAT

5.) You will be prompted, "Insert new disk for drive H: and press enter when ready..." As the disk is already present, hit enter.

6.) When the format is complete you will be prompted to name the disk. Provide a name or hit enter to skip this step.

7.) If the command is successful it will return something similar to this...

It is clear that the card has been formatted FAT16. Note that right-clicking the card in Windows Explorer and choosing, "Properties", will display the file system as: FAT, not FAT16.


  1. I can confirm this worked, but my Rep2X is still not reading. Thanks for the help.

  2. Me too. Everything worked fine. But the printer still not reading the SD card